Week 7


This week we had some adversity and ended it with great news. We finished the Carter Road Project! A project that was started under the last VFC and worked on most of our time to date is finally done. We are relieved to be through going to that site to pick up sticks and are hoping to get some more throttle time on the chainsaws now that the project is done. We also started this week preparing a perscribed burn site, and doing a leadership training exercise with the Forest Service. In the middle of the week we conducted S-133 or Look Up, Look Down, Look Around. A course that is required for all FFT1’s to complete. On Thursday we returned back to the Carter Road project and knocked it out in force, with the assistance of two different engines and our squad. On Friday we got to experience something new and were involved in bucking and harvesting sections of trees for biologist to study beetles, and woodpeckers.