Week 6


This past week, we finally tied back in to the Forest Service, and have to admit that we are glad to be back. We started the week off going back to our old project site, the Carter Road project which the Forest Service is clearing a chain on either side of the road to enable them quick escape routes for areas of suspected high risk fire behavior in the future. In the middle of the week though we met with Black Hills National Forest AFMO Jason Virtue, and finally filled out our paperwork to be hired on as AD’s if the opportunity presents itself for us to be used that way. We were also told that due to the blizzard the chances of us doing any perscribed on our district were slim to none. Our back-up plan is hoping that some perscribes planned in the Hell Canyon district in the Southern Hills will still be able to burn and that we could be involved in that. The next day we split up with the Forest Service so everyone could have a B level sawyer work with them individually while we cleared forest service roads. We finished the week by once again tying back in to working on the Carter Road project though, commiting all of Thursday and Friday to work on it.