Week 5 of Service


This week, Team 1 worked with the Range Dept of Black Hills NF.

The range technician showed us how properly dismantle barbed wire fence. The fence we took down stretched approximately 1.03 miles and the dismantled barbed wire weighed over 1100 lbs! Most of the terrain was flat, but, of course, there were quite a few steep hills as well.

It took us three days to finish it all. Believe it or not, there is a specific technique to properly roll the wire into neat loops. We got a few pokes and light scratches, but in the end, to the victor go the spoils. The collected metal was ultimately taken to a recycling site in exchange for cash that helps fund the Range Dept’s future projects. It was a great learning experience.

On Thursday, Team 1 also got its first experience as USFS employees, when the Mystic Ranger District requested the VFC to remain on severity, or standby duty, to maintain quicker response time to a wildland fire. We didn’t get called to any fires that day, but we got a few extra AD dollars for our time.