Week 4 & 5, Holden Lake Thinning Project


Now that training is completed, the team has settled into their housing in Flagstaff, Arizona and have begun their first project. The Team has been working with the Kaibab National Forest outside the town of Williams, Arizona. The temperatures have already begun to rise and the forest is currently in a Type 3 Fire Ban (limiting our use of Chain Saws to early mornings only).

The teams first project is in a 26 acre thinning project located in the Wildland Urban Interface surrounding Williams in a prescribed burn area known as the Holden Lake Thinning unit. The Team has been felling, bucking, limbing, and hand piling hazardous fuels which include specified sized Pondrosa Pine and Juniper trees. The work is extremely difficult and demanding however it is equally rewarding knowing we are helping protect the communities surrounding Williams, AZ. Later, in the winter, these piles will be burned prior to a prescribed broadcast burn of the entire thinning unit.

Check out our amazing before and after pictures below: