Week 3


This week we finished up with S212 (wildland fire chainsaws), and started right into wilderness first aid, taught to us by the Aeris instructors who managed to make it down to us even with Boulder and Denver being flooded. Here we learnt a lot about patient assessment, and basic treatment, as well as a few carries, with lots of practical application. For the most part it was review for the entire VFC though due to the high level of medical training the class already possessed, with combat lifesavers, wilderness first responders, average first responders, emt-b. wilderness emt’s, and even a paramedic being in the class. After this we had the start to finally getting our red-cards which is s-130/s-190 i-100, here we learnt about fire behavior, what a safety zone is, how to measure an escape route correctly, it was completed with showing us different fireing devices a friendly competition with a simple hose lay, between two squads, and finally with a competition digging mock line and rehabilitating it against the civilian half of the class. We won. Now armed with our red-cards and knowledge we are ready to meet up with the forest service again and get to work.