We meet our goals in Ridgefield


This month was a very exciting month for Ridgefield. Our team had a goal of getting 100 Home Energy Solutions sign-ups for this quarter, and about 2 weeks ago we surpassed this goal for the town of Ridgefield! We even got additional sign ups for our free lighting visit, although we don’t actively promote the lighting program in the Fairfield county area. This accomplishment makes me proud of all the work that we are doing, and shows me that people in this community actually do care about their energy waste and the current state of the environment

A big reason we were able to reach our numbers, was we attended a referendum vote earlier this month. Jess and I tabled in the morning and were able to get 54 HES sign-ups. Kevin and Bijal were very kind and offered to table for the night sessions and racked up an additional 14 HES sign-ups. This event was the most successful tabling event that I have had in Ridgefield since I started working in the town. The day started off very rainy and I was not sure it was going to be a big success. However, the clouds went away and at around 9 am our luck turned right around. Many homeowners who had completed HES already actually stopped and told their neighbors about their experiences. This was the best part of the whole day for me, because after all we are the “Neighbor to Neighbor” Energy Challenge.