We Are Back!


We were excited to finally meet our returning members. This was our first event as the new Manchester CLC crew and we were anxious to get a taste of how interacting with high school members would actually be like. Well, the event was a blast! We played games, we ate great snacks, and we got to interact with some very excited high school community crew members! The members were very excited to meet us as well, we were happy to let them all know a little bit about ourselves and also get to play some games that they were familiar with. After getting beaten in gypsy soccer we gathered around a round table to discuss upcoming events and fill out paper work. Once the formalities were done we got back to playing a game of NINJA! Again, the CLC leaders were defeated. Although, we didn’t let our defeat bring us down. We gave out some more information and we had plenty more laughs before we called it a day. The members were excited for a new year and were looking forward to our first event at the New England NOFA conference!