The WashCycle: Student Conservation Association helps maintain DC trails


Source: The WashCycle, October 31, 2012

The Student Conservation Association, in conjunction with DDOT and NPS, performed hundreds of hours of service maintaining trails, removing trash and removing invasive species.

SCA also partnered with the District Department of Transportation for the second year which helped fund 4 crews and 22 students in District parks and green spaces this summer. SCA was able to establish two new wonderful relationships this summer. There were 10 students working with the District Department of Environment in their Cooperative Weed Management Areas

In Fort DuPont Park, they built 385 feet of new Mountain Biking Trail and maintained over 2000 feet of trail (some of which may have been hiking trail) including removing fallen trees.

Crew members working along the Metropolitan Branch Trail maintained 1,840ft of trail.Students removed invasive plant species along 1,640ft of the trail and built 40ft of new trail.Students also removed nearly 200 sq. ft. of trash from along the trail and installed 4 large log steps

And of course there’s an education component to the whole program as well. This is a well-run program and it’s funded – in part – by DC’s Recreational Trails funding.

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