Walk, Close, Repeat!


Our hitch was a good one. It was filled with long work filled days, with miles of walking on trails not meant for a walking person. On average we managed about 10 miles a day on trails made for dirt bikes. Well trails not even made for dirt bikes, as these trails are illegal. Well “were” illegal. We closed every one we could lay a foot on. Even with these days filled with hiking up and down trails designed to take the most difficult route possible, my crew was all smiles. We were on trails not often frequented by the illegal dirt bikers who created them, much less any hikers who might be out for a stroll through a beautiful park, so it was just the 5 of us in the woods tracking down trail heads. Even with the perpetual wood sounds that we heard, the echoes of laughter from my crew where the norm. Even on the days it rained all through out, as we cleared corridor, everyone was all smiles. We ended up closing about 13 trail heads, rendering miles on miles of trail ready to start the repair process to become a part  of the forest again. We even got to clear some corridor and prep it for blaze painting. In short our hitch was awesome and the work was a lot of fun.