Videos we’re watching: Changing lives at NPS Academy


Hundreds of college-aged students spent their spring breaks making a difference this April. Instead of spending their Spring Breaks sitting by the beaches, they spent their vacations working for the planet and making a difference in National Parks across the country. The videos we are watching this week, capture the impact that NPS Academy had on 60 college-aged students. Check ’em out.

NPS Academy @ Great Smoky Mountains:
As part of the first phase of the NPS Academy, 30 diverse college-aged students from across the country came together at Great Smoky Mountains to learn about career opportunities with the National Parks Service. This is their story.

NPS Academy @ Grand Tetons:
Another 30 students came together at Grand Tetons National Park. They gained first-hand knowledge about the park, potential career development opportunties and concrete next steps they can take to promote their future.