Veterans Help Give Custer Peak Lookout a Face Lift

A Veterans Fire AmeriCorps Team based in the northern hills has been very busy this summer.
The six member team, with veterans from the Army, Navy and Marines, has been busy with initial attacks on wildfires this season, but most recently, they have been helping renovate the Custer Peak Fire Lookout.
Some wood on the lookout is being replaced, the exterior is being repainted and other parts of the lookout are being organized.
The team has been there for nearly two weeks and their work will finish up Friday.
Those associated with the project are grateful for the opportunity.
“Doing what I am doing with the S.C.A. and the veteran fire core and with the Black Hills National Forest is a great stepping stone for me and I feel very privileged to be here and have the opportunity and experience to work with the best wildland firefighters I’ve ever met,” Veterans Fire AmeriCorps Team member Alex Seung said.
“Having those guys coming in and helping me out when I’ve had such a close connection with veterans as it is, it actually makes me appreciate the work that their doing outside of the military,” Custer Peak Fire Outlook observer Andrew Wasserburger said.
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