Van Fudge


Environmental Educator and Conservation Field Crew Member

Hometown: Corvallis, Oregon

College: Occidental College

Why did you join SCA: In the hopes that I could find a community of peers who shared my passion for the outdoors, and who wanted to share that passion with others. I have found that community here at Bear Brook and look forward to the next 10 months living, working, and playing with my fellow SCA NH members.

Favorite memory so far: Ice skating by starlight on Spruce Pond

Cabin name: The ISLE

Spirit animal or spirit staff member: A specific blue butterfly I saw in the northern Brasilian Amazon. The butterfly’s wings were the most beautiful bright blue, and as the hot equatorial sun beamed down on the butterfly, the sun rays reflected the most brilliant, vibrant, and mesmerizing blue that shone through the rainforest like the arkenstone shone in the lonely mountain.