Tyler Lau


Growing up in California, I always had a passion for the outdoors. From the first day I joined SCA, I knew many new adventures were ahead. After a busy year traveling the country with SCA I am back in 2012 for more. Having spent 1/3 of the year in the Southeast, 1/3 of the year in the Southwest and 1/3 of the year on an RV I’m excited to be in the Northeast as a part of the SCA NH Corps. The combination of teaching environmental education, conservation projects, and leadership development in a community setting is something I just had to be a part of. If you can’t find me at Bear Brook, I may be out hiking, playing frisbee, reading, swimming, thinking and searching for beautiful places to visit. I look forward to new experiences, memories, bonds and adventures as 2012 continues.

Cheers to a good year and beyond!