Tyler Imfeld


Coming from a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, it’s hard to overestimate my excitement to move out to the Mojave and serve in the Desert Restoration Corps. I recently graduated with my biology degree from Xavier University, through which I’ve learned and accomplished a great deal. After working at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, conducting bioremediation research at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and traveling across the country through various clubs and programs, I am still eager to continue learning and experiencing more. I was first drawn to the SCA by a recommendation from a friend who previously served in the Desert Restoration Corps, and I owe it to her that I’m here now. I cannot wait to make new friends, to develop my field and leadership skills and to discover an exciting region of our country. The mission of my alma mater is to create “men and women for others,” and by serving with my comrades to ensure the well-being of plants, animals and ecosystems of the Mojave I will be doing just that. In my down time I like to travel, read and hike or kayak wherever and whenever I can. Aside from great friends, great food and the great outdoors, I am wild about birds and cannot wait to have plenty of all of these things in the coming year!