Turbo-Team Back in the Scodies Again. Desert Crew Hitch 5


The night before pre-hitch day surprised us with new information that told us little of our future work hitch, just enough to know that all ten of us were working together in Kiavah Wilderness. By now our crew was accustomed to sudden changes of work projects, and this time was no different, but we prepared for the worst and hoped for the very best.

The following day our crew assembled bright and early to prepare for our pre-hitch departure which would be different due to only having one truck able to haul out both of our trailers. We then arrived in Kiavah to see the Sierra crew’s camp set up and they were finishing up with dishes while we had much more to do in the morning. I knew chaos was lurking when our first work day started off with fried pancakes and missing food items, but all we could do was laugh it off and continue on to the worksite to start our first hard barrier construction.

This lurking chaos and confusion crowded the upper being of stability when the two crews worked together and the two leaders were within the same vicinity. As the days went on, the lurking entity of chaos and confusion was vanquished from existence when greatness and reason came to the rescue with the realization that it’s okay to step back and let the co-leader take charge when it’s most suitable. To say the least, it was great working with all of the wilderness crew and being able to be the decision maker of my crew mates. Even though there were times of hardships, both mentally, physically and emotionally, the only right thing to do is to take those hardships and turn them into lessons to be learned and work to improve on.


5 sites restored

10 sites monitored for effectivness of previous restoration.

3,680.175 square meters restored.