TTOC Sept. Events


Mother Earth News Fair was a lot of fun – a fair with workshops and vendors, based off of the nationally known magazine Mother Earth News. For this event, we didn’t have to work, only sit back and enjoy the many workshops offered at Seven Springs. There were great workshops covering everything from homesteading to gardening to building sustainable neighborhoods. The first workshop I attended covered ways to build soil fertility, using soil tests to see what nutrients are actually needed, and using organic fertilizers to feed the plants. Another interesting workshop was about the creation of sustainable neighborhoods through small steps: get people together to build community and generate ideas over a potluck. Sustainable ideas included tool sharing, taking down fences to create community play areas, and going in as a group to get solar panels for entire block of houses.

I highly recommend this fair to anyone interested in homesteading or alternative energy.

~Michelle Rapp and Rachael Christie

September 8 and 9 marked Connellsville’s 1st Annual Sustainability Fair. We had a booth on recycling in the area set up, where we educated the public on how, where, and when to recycle. The event also featured a variety of sustainable lifestyle vendors.

~Rachael Christie and Cara Madden

The following weekend I participated in Fayette County PA’s Buy Local Summit, an event with workshops on organic gardening, alternative energy, and other such topics. I, along with a fellow co-worker presented to an audience total of 16, about outdoor recreational opportunities in Fayette, Greene, Washington, Somerset, and Westmoreland Counties.

~Rachael Christie