TTOC May Town Updates


–West Newton–
– On Saturday, May 19 I participated in a cleanup of downtown West Newton sponsored by DWNI (Downtown West Newton, Inc.). This event beautified the town’s sidewalks and streets through trash removal, weed removal, and the planting of annuals.
– The Progress fund has purchased the Old Riverside Lodge, which has a scenic location on the edge of the Youghiogheny River. The building will be renovated for a new business.
~ Cara Madden


-Bike for Books in Connellsville had a good turnout. The B.f.B had between twenty and thirty participants, and I was there to hand out tickets at the end of the five mile marker. The library raised some money, had kids events like face painting, decent food, and a live band.
– The first Connellsville manual trail count of the season was completed with a descent amount of people passing through the area during the random time periods that we obtained the info. There was a significant percentage of out of state bikers, and many were very talkative.
– Most recently, there was a Geranium Festival, followed by a fundraiser for the Connellsville Community Gardens. Both were very popular within the town, and brought in some tourism as well. It was scorching hot that day which made the Geranium Festival’s crowds diminish a little early, but each event held it’s own and could easily be deemed the events to top so far this year regarding income yielded and public inception into the town of Connellsville.
~ Joe Crumbley
– This May I coordinated a fundraising event in Connellsville that raised money for the Trail Towns’ Community Gardens Program. The event was a success, as there was a great turnout, lots of fun, and generated interest in the regional Trail Town projects.
~ Cara Madden


– In Ohiopyle the Adopt a Bioswale program’s business proposal packets with letter, map, and mock sign were handed out to the businesses open at the time, with good reception. One signature was obtained, one business wasn’t the least bit interested, but the rest were very into the idea. I will return soon to collect the signed paperwork, as well as mail out the rest of the packets to the businesses not reached. So far we theoretically have over half of the bioswales called for.
– I met with Stefano’s Printing out of Dunbar who gave me pricing that was approved by Stacie Hall, the State Park Ranger who is over-seeing how the grant money is used for the project. I also ordered two sample signs, one .40 alluminum, and the other a more expensive but more durable material.
– The first trail count of the season was successfully completed in Ohiopyle, helping us to better understand traffic patterns on the Great Allegheny Passage
~ Joe Crumbley and Cara Madden

Train Day, an annual community and family focused event in Rockwood, had a huge line of kids at all times to run through the train shaped bounce house. Many attendees visited the Amtrak booth where we collected people’s information in exchange for a free raffle entry. Many people in town as well as businesses are working to get an Amtrak station in Rockwood.
~ Joe Crumbley

— Meyersdale–
Two new businesses have opened in Meyersdale. Clips and Ahah
A Sweet Boutique.