Training Season


by: Olivia Larson

Whoo Wee what a time of learning! Training season proved to be a catalyst for deep friendships to form between the 10 month members and the new five month members. Fellow corps member Jesse would describe it as “A whirlwind of near misses and catastrophes that brought the community closer. Who knew that dressing fake wounds and holding c-spine during our Wilderness First Responder class would bring people together so quickly! After learning how to possibly save the lives of our fellow corps members we transitioned to the more perilous part of our training, specialty skills.

We were split into groups of three: Game of logging, rigging, and carpentry. Following four days of rigorous training we were eager to try out our new, cool skills during work skills and Spring Hitch at Middlesex Falls. We were able to build a 250 ft boardwalk, two timber turnpikes, a rock staircase, several small trail drainage projects and install a couple dozen of trail signs. It was a blast, and as an added bonus there were dogs all over since we were at a dog park. We were also joined by our fellow Massachusetts corps, the Historic Preservation Corps.

After one more quick training for leadership we were on our own! It’s now time to put or skills to work. See you on the trail hopefully!