Training Ends and School Begins


By: Cooper Eisenhard

As the days got shorter and the temperature became colder, we finished our education training and began to go into our assigned schools. The first week in the schools, we observed and got to know the dynamics in each classroom. It is really cool to talk to each other and see the differences in each school – they are all so different. As someone who is doing their service in the smaller schools, Savoy and Pearl Rhodes, I have been introduced to an education that I have never experienced. The schools are extremely community based and cater so much to the kids needs, which is amazing. Teaching lessons is also a new experience that has put education in a new light.

Every Monday, we have a chunk of time when we plan our lessons for the week. So far it has been a challenging experience, but also rewarding. All the members use each other as resources and bounce ideas off each other. This allows us to create the best lessons possible. It’s so fun to make ways for the kids to have fun while they are learning. Having the chance to teach them about science, nature, and conservation is an honor itself.  Also helping with other lessons and playing with the students during recess is awesome. We are all looking forward to continue teaching in the schools until March.