Trail work and Trail Running


By: Soraya Farivar

Hitch 7 was such a different hitch for me.  We stayed in this U.S Fish and Wildlife house that used to be occupied by seasonal employees. It was on a wildlife refuge in Carlisle, which was just beautiful, and after what felt like endless hours of building boardwalk frame it was nice to explore; so I ran on the trails of the refuge. I used to hate running, but trail running has changed the way I feel about it all.  It has suddenly become so easy to run long distances, while giving me a chance to explore all of the places we stay during hitch. I like that it makes me feel like I am getting to know Massachusetts more intimately. During this hitch it was stupid pretty… There were cute white tailed bunnies constantly running off the trail while the smell of the wildflowers that lined the trail were so strong it was nauseating. I felt so lucky to unwind after a long day of work in such an awesome place.