Trail Crews Peak On Kanaka


Originally published on August 11, 2011 on A News Cafe

By Paul Shigley

We serious journalists would never write a story simply as an excuse to run a photograph. Except that’s what I’m doing right now, and here’s why.

Just about anyone who has ever scaled Kanaka Peak on the seat of a mountain bike, in the saddle of a horse or on their own two feet feels pretty darned “finished” by the time they reached the top. The peak on the southern border of Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is “only” 2,616 feet. But if you start the climb at Peltier Bridge across Clear Creek, you gain approximately 2,000 feet of elevation by the time you reach the summit.

So the photo of those who rebuilt the grueling Kanaka Peak Loop Trail standing under a finish line seems appropriate to me. …continue reading


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