Trail Counts


Nearly everyone associated with a trail is interested in the number of people using the trail they have a connection to.  Nonprofits use this information to apply for grants, businesses use these numbers to plan, and trail users like to know how many others enjoy the trail.  In order to find out how many people use the Great Allegheny Passage in a season, TTOC is responsible for organizing and conducting trail counts, collecting data, and maintaining electronic counters.  Trail counts come in two forms, but both types serve the same purpose:  to collect information about trail use.            

The Great Allegheny Passage is 150 miles, and has over twenty locations where counts are conducted.  Because of this, volunteer coordination is a major part of organizing trail counts.  During the course of the trail count season, volunteers are recruited through email, social media, and telephone calls.  This task involves maintaining a database of volunteers, communicating with potential volunteers, and recruiting new volunteers.  Without the dedication of these volunteers, it would be impossible to obtain the trail use data that is collected during the trail season.