Top stories of 2011: Stories of Passion and Hope


As 2011 comes to a close, we’re looking back at the top stories that caught your attention this year. They range from tagging alligators in the Bayou to confessions of a park ranger on the Washington mall!

But regardless of location, one thing all the stories have in common is the passion our SCA members have for protecting and preserving the land and our national treasures. Most importantly, they are a sign of hope for the future of conservation. SCA is proud to have these stories reflect the impact our members and alumni made in 2011.

Follw Me: Fear and Tagging in the Bayou
by Kayla Morain, ’11
Alligator tagging; these two words contain a mix of emotions as they ring in my ear. Fear, excitement, anxiety, insane, crazy… I had never even seen an alligator until this summer, and now I have the opportunity to catch them in their own territory!? Crazy… more »

Park Ranger on the Mall
Written by Molly McCluskey,
As a national park ranger on the Mall, SCA alumna Molly McCluskey had to make sure tourists came home with good stories. Molly’s story was recently published in The Washingtonian. more »

Healing the Earth…and Me
by Darren Gruetze
For the past four years I have worked to restore the desert. I keep coming back to the desert and SCA because of the phenomenal work we do in an often misunderstood ecosystem; and because of the strong community that this work engenders. more »

An Unlikely Journey
by Sandra Deacon, SCA Web Team
“Camping? You’re kidding! Trail building? It looks like labor and I would never wear one of those hard hats.” These were the initial reactions by Danny Nguyen to an SCA recruiting presentation at school. But after joining SCA, Danny “unexpectedly fell in love with nature and the outdoors.” more »