Top 10.5 Reasons to Work in the Boundary Waters


10. Raspberries. Blueberries. And coming soon, Thimbleberries.
9. Pulling acres of Canada Thistle in raging heat and humidity allows for generous amounts of time to quote South Park.

8. Every lake is different.

7. You can play Scrabble on 2.6 billion-year-old granite.

6. Exposure to oppressive mosquito populations improves ninja motor skills and builds character.

5a. July 13th’s menu. Breakfast: sweet potato and egg burritos. Lunch: pasta salad with sundried tomatoes and Mike Stefancic’s homemade cheddar (aged 4 months). Dinner: salmon pesto polenta with kale and fresh Parm. Dessert: unicorn treats.

5b. You will become ripped from portaging said menu items in Duluth packs.
4. Working in the interface between two wildfires makes for interesting botany and fire ecology lessons.

3. The sublime feeling of quietly dipping your paddle in the early morning, with coffee mug resting in the bottom of your canoe.

2. That moment where you rip off your uniform after a work day and jump in the lake. (Even the government encourages Safety Swims!)

And, finally:
1. Sleeping with your rain fly off, you may be woken by the Northern Lights.