Top 10 Under the Radar Internships Pt. 2


Help study & conserve the best kept secrets of America’s public lands.

The Copper River Delta in Chugach National Forest. Photo source

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Sure. You could spend a few months serving the planet with SCA at a world famous national park, working around tourists, instagramming thoroughly ogled geysers in your spare time. Your friends back home will check their phones and be all like, “Oh. Look at that. Dylan’s hanging out at Yellowstone or something. That’s cool.”

Apply early enough and often enough, and it’s possible that we can make that happen.

Or, you can snag one of our many, many under the radar internships; clandestine conservation service opportunities located within some of the best kept secrets of America’s national public lands system. You’ll get the same kind of Earth-saving, life-changing, resume-expanding experience that you would at the Grand Canyon or Yosemite, but when you post the photos your friends will be like, “What?? Where is that??”

So what do you say? How do you prefer your adventures in conservation? Middle of the road? Or off the beaten path?

Check out our Top Ten Under the Radar Internships and let us know on your application. 😉

5. As an Interpretation Field Ranger Intern at Siuslaw National Forest, your days will be spent introducing awe-struck visitors to Cape Perpetua Scenic Area and the Oregon Sand Dunes, two of the most gorgeous sections of an almost unbearable beautiful coastal forest. Sound alright? Well then maybe you should APPLY

Thor's Well at Cape Perpetua in Siuslaw National Forest. Photo via Wikipedia. Thor’s Well at Cape Perpetua in Siuslaw National Forest. Photo via Wikipedia

4. Ever wanted to be a superhero? As a SCA Shorebird Intern at Chinoteague National Wildlife Refuge you’d basically be a superhero to massive populations of seasonally nested shorebirds (Piping Plovers, Oystercatchers, Least Terns, and others), keeping watch, counting their fuzzy, adorable, freshly hatched chicks, and foiling attempts by predators to turn their nesting colonies into all-you-can-eat buffets. Plus, in your free time you’ll have 14,000 acres of beach, dunes, maritime forest, and wetland to explore. APPLY now to indulge your inner-Clark Kent.

A great egret at Chinoteague National Wildlife Refuge. Photo source.A great egret at Chinoteague National Wildlife Refuge. Photo source.

3. As a SCA Prairie Restoration Technician, you will traverse a vast, undulating ocean of towering grasses, hunting down and collecting seeds from a selection of native plants so that you may spread them to areas in need of restoration. In that way, you’ll fully experience and contribute to the preservation of one of America’s most iconic ecosystems, while learning firsthand from conservation professionals at three different organizations—The Nature Conservancy, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. APPLY here.

2. Our New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Backcountry Steward Internships cover a range of tasks and locations, but pretty much all of them have this in common: “Traveling by foot or canoe to work alone in remote, extremely rugged terrain…” Ready to test your mettle exploring and protecting huge swaths of remote New York wilderness that few even know exist? Better check out the list and APPLY then.

A scenic vista in the Adirondacks High Peaks Wilderness. Photo source. A scenic vista in the Adirondacks High Peaks Wilderness. Photo source

1. Chugach National Forest is home to some of America’s most charismatic megafauna—moose, grizzlies, sea otters, sea lions, dall sheep, and bald eagles, just to name a few. As the SCA Wildlife Volunteer Coordinator there you’d recruit, organize, train, and work alongside volunteers interested in contributing to the site’s formidable wildlife conservation program. As a SCA Wildlife Intern at Chugach, on the other hand, you’d conduct physically-demanding fieldwork from remote forest, wetland, and intertidal field camps accessible only by boat and bush plane… Wow. Go here and here respectively to APPLY as fast as you can. 


Lost Lake at Chugach National Forest in Alaska. Photo: WikipediaLost Lake at Chugach National Forest in Alaska. Photo: Wikipedia.