Tony Bossler – Project Leader


Listen my children and you shall hear the story of Tony and the natural world he holds dear. Once an actor and broadcast tv director in good ole Missouri, I decided to leave it all behind in search of something more meaningful. In 2010, I packed up and headed out to the woods of Maine to work with the Maine Conservation Corps. The experience had such a profound impact on my life I continued to wander from Maine out to California, Oregon, and Washington exploring National Forests and National Parks all along the way. In 2011, the SCA came calling and I headed off to work on the Pacific Crest Trail in California. The High Sierras opened a whole other dimension within me and it was a gnarly 6 months. A few things I enjoy: rock climbing, hiking, yoga, paddle boarding, nature, music,and learning. I’m geared up to share trail skills, outdoor living, and a whole bunch of laughter. I’m excited to be back out west in 2012 working on the Umatilla National Forest as a Project Leader.