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Road Sign upon entering reads: Realm Center of Tina L. Rudolph: last roots found in Carbondale, Illinois. Growing new roots in Waco, Texas




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I’ve received my B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology A.A. in Economics from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. During my undergraduate studies my personal academic and life pursuits involved investigating System Theory and Systems Science. Specifically, open exploration and analysis of the world system called Earth along with the subdivisions of this Earth system from both an anthropocentric and non-human centered perspective. Such subsystems include Economics, Jurisprudence, Ecology ( ex. Oceans, Land, Artic Tundra’s ), Physics, Sociology of Sentient life forms and many others sub-systems and micro-systems.


            This challenging yet rewarding frame of mind under which I’ve undertaken to investigate and analyze the world system both in a theoretical and practical level has greatly enhanced my understanding of my existence on Earth. The current understanding leads me to believe that all things are connected or in a relationship and interconnected or interrelated. It has been in my experience that the actions and effects I do in the here and now within this world system that I am contained in has the energy and power to influence changes in the Now as well as generate potential changes in the immediate and distance future. This has been validated through the methods of reason, evidence/experience and plethora of research within various academic disciplines. Investigating and experiencing the interconnectedness of sub-systems (a small system such as small as team members working together in a community to something as large as rainforest ecology)within the over-arching system (Earth) has helped me to shed light upon root cause(s) of discord/imbalance within any given subsystem; such imbalance eventually (if left unaddressed) translates its imbalance on a global level, manifesting global imbalance.  


Acknowledging the discord and investigating the root causes of the imbalance is a powerful tool in creating and manifesting plans of action to restore balance; or as American 20th Century Philosopher, Architect ,Geometer and Inventor Richard Buckminster Fuller states: “Synergistic”. An equally powerful tool for creating and manifesting the restoration of balance REQUIRES open and honest communication and exchange of information pertinent to calculation methods or restructuring and rebalancing. 


Now to write more specifically about Conservation. What conservation means to me is more than just eco-system restoration, invasive species removal or preservation of an endangered species environment. Rather, in the view of conservation I’ve adopted requires a holistic approach. Questions that seek to identify the factors that created a certain situation or threat requiring mitigation and resolving need to be asked. Could the factors that created the situation have been avoidable? If so, in what manner were they avoidable? What factors gave the impression that the situation was not avoidable? What actions must be taken and at what cost (economic, ecosystem health and public health etc.) to address and resolve the issue? Considering all of this I have adopted an understanding that such issues that have arisen on Earth requiring extensive monitoring, legal protection and voluntary help appears to stem from break-downs in communication and lack of open exchange in truth based information. We can argue forever as to if the miscommunication and misinformation has been done intentionally or absent-mindedly, out of genuine ignorance or active suppression/denial. That is not my goal to unravel. Rather, to illuminate the real and lasting ramifications that arises from miscommunication and misinformation with the intent that the illumination will encourage more honesty and integrity of information sharing and communication in the here and now as well as the future.


My current intention for this season of SCA work is to translate the worldview that I have described above and adopt it into my everyday life.  Whether I am doing trail maintenance, conducting Visitor use surveys, performing an education and outreach lecture with the local community or casually conversing with people in the area, I seek to expand the ideas of this worldview. In particular, the idea that each person has the power AND ability to manifest balanced growth and change that is inclusive, addresses and remedies the basic needs that all beings on this Earth share; a bio diverse/healthy livable environment, clean drinkable water, the opportunity to grow and the ability to be realistically secure/safe for healthy growth to occur. A Good place to begin this quest is to wield the tool of open and honest communication which begins with your-self. Ask yourself these questions: Who are you? What makes you the “YOU” that you just described? How are “you” different than anyone and anything else? In what ways are “you” the same or no different than anyone else? By metaphor: Just as in each part of the Hydrological cycle contains its individual component making that stage of the process unique; yet, in the grand picture of the water cycle…it’s all the same…variations on the one holistic theme/process: water moment. It is my belief that Humans and every other living thing that exist within this world system we call Earth is no different. We are all different yet so much more the same. Just have to open your mind with a healthy measure of skepticism to see the connections.


I’ll leave you all with a few words from an intellectual influence of mine: American Philosopher Richard Buckminster Fuller; creator structures such as the Montreal Biosphère, Dymaxion House, and the Geodesic Dome to list few . Also below are websites about Fuller and his work which is a good gateway to exploring the dimensions of Systems Theory-Science.






“We are all seeking a license to ramble wordily we intent only upon being adequately concise. General systems science discloses the existence of minimum sets of variable factors that uniquely govern each and every system. Lack of knowledge concerning ALL FACTORS and the failure to include them in our integral models imposes false conclusions”


“Specialization breeds biases that ultimately aggregate as international and ideological discord, which in turn, leads to war.”


“ Only a comprehensive switch from the narrowing specialization and toward an ever more inclusive and refining comprehension by all Humanity-regarding all the factors governing Omni-continuing life aboard “spaceship Earth” can bring about reorientation from the self-extinction-bound human trending, and do so within the critical time remaining before we have passed the point of chemical process irretrievability”


Below is a creative rap video describing the Hydrological Cycle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCiX5oD9xaw&list=PLDYuIuoHcpoyxlN5Hp0rQ-FirtGtHYApg


Thank you for exploring my realm! You may now exit. Happy Journey’s ^_^




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