Tina Rudolph (Corps Member)


I’m from the land of where country slops meets high caliber thinking folks. Where one can obtain good quality local wine, micro-brew’s and delicious dine then drive a few miles for great hikes, trail runs, bike rides or adventurous rock climbs. A land where canoeing, fishing, and swimming aren’t in short supply The Mecca of Southern, Illinois; to be specific, Carbondale, IL is where my mind and feet roam.
The mission for me is to involving myself in the community. With the intention set on being a medium between nature and humans. To aid in sowing seeds of understanding and appreciation of both one’s self and Nature. My aim is to be an educator and a healer (Counselor) with nature as a therapeutic medium/ prescription. I have a strong interest and academic background in both Neuroscience and counseling. Both of which will be a precise tool to be used in obtaining my mission and aim.
During my “playtime” moments I enjoy running trails, laughing hysterically, creating ( writing particularly), swinging on a swing set when the opportunity pops up, imitating animal sounds and watching the sky ( clouds, sunrises- sets, stars and storms)
I love life and fear not its challenges. ~Namaste