Timothy Gurnett Project Leader Arapaho Team 1


My name is Timothy Gurnett and I am from Omaha Nebraska. My conservation experience started in the Boy scouts where I participated in various types of public land projects. I obtained the scouts highest rank of Eagle Scout. I joined the Navy when I was 17 and spent 5 years Active duty as a Military policeman, I am currently a drilling reservist with the Navy and have been for the past 3 years. I first volunteered with the SCA as recreation management intern in Gunnison Colorado. While I was there I maintained back country trails, conducted back country water samples, assisted law enforcement officers, and maintained back country facilities. I used this first internship to explore different the jobs our public lands had to offer and more importantly to find out if a career working on the public lands was for me. Turns out I loved everything about it. Shortly after my internship was over I was already perusing the SCA website to find my next opportunity and that’s when I found the Veterans Fire Corps. I had heard about wild land fire fighters but I never really gave it much thought, so I figured I would give it a try. Long story short I have been with the VFC every summer since. Outside of the SCA, I am a avid outdoorsman, I have completed and lead countless backcountry expeditions.  I recently completed a Veterans Outward Bound expedition, dog sledding in Minnesota. I am a senior at the University of Nebraska working to obtain a double major in Criminal justice and Environmental Studies with a minor in geography. Every season brings new experiences and new challenges.

I can’t wait to get started.