Tim Dillon – ACE VUS Texas/Massachusetts


My name is Tim Dillon I was a member of the Idaho Army National Guard from 2009-2012 I currently study Conservation Science at the University of Idaho with emphasis areas in Environmental Economics, Park and Wilderness Protection, Outdoor Recreation Leadership and will Graduate in December. I was born and raised in Stafford Springs, Ct and have always enjoyed the outdoors. I was an Eagle Scout and backpacked and traveled extensively having traveled to many parts of the United States and Europe. Post graduation plans are to attend Graduate School for Bio-regional Community Planning. I plan on bringing my extensive experience in Natural Resource studies to the job so I can apply them to surveying visitor use.  I also plan on getting valuable experience in this field to learn applicable methods of applying theoretical knowledge. I know that I can bring extensive outdoor knowledge and experience as well as disciplined organizational and mediation training for complex and stressful situations.