There’s nothing like a Kansas Summer!


Sad to say, our summer here has come to an end! We had some great times speaking to the local public about their Army Corps Lakes, exploring the outdoors, eating yummy dinners, and just enjoying each others company. The last two weeks were bittersweet as we finished our last shifts, and tried to cram in as much fun time as we could. Our crew made it downtown for the annual Bunkerfest in Lawrence. We walked the streets, listening to live music, and got to watch Taylor show off his skills with a footbag. People were entralled by him as he spun around keeping the footbag up in the air for minutes on end. After our season ended, we were lucky enough to have one more day to spend together for fun. We were cordially invited, and made it down to the household of Mr. and Mrs. Maus where they cooked us a fabulous lunch, and we got in some good laughs. Dan’s father taught us how to skeet shoot, which for our first day off after a fabulous season, was great fun! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Maus!! What a fantastic way to wrap up a wonderful summer. We wanted to thank everyone that was directly involved with our crew this summer. You all helped make it a special experience, and we can’t wait to come back and hike the trail we built, bike the trail we fixed, and camp at the newest campground in Kansas. To the lovely team Kansas…. Thank you for making my summer as your project leader a great experience in which your wonderful personalities and your common drive in the work force helped create an outstanding team and lifelong friendships. -Leah