Team switches and tips


On Team A I worked with Angela Nguyen at two sites each at Carters Lake, Lake Allatoona, and Lake Sidney Lanier. Setup at all sites is simple and no problems have been encountered. When surveying at Carters Lake lunches should be packed, as there is nowhere to buy meals nearby. While surveying Buford Dam Park and Lanier Park at Lake Sidney Lanier two computers will be very useful as these sites can be very busy. This is also true for Victoria Landing and Payne Boat Ramp at Lake Allatoona.
After two weeks on Team A, I switched to Team B to work with Mia Corona. This transition was very smooth. Having one member of a team stay behind when team members move to another site works very well, as it allows on person on each team to have experience setting up and surveying sites. On Team B I again worked two sites at each of the lakes.
During surveys it is important to be assertive when stopping traffic. Keeping shoulders square to the vehicle, extending arm fully, and making eye contact work well for getting vehicle to stop. Opening with “Hello. How are you Doing?” seems to help in getting visitors to take the survey. Sometimes it can be unclear what someone means and other times someone will give an answer that doesn’t seem right. It’s important to repeat the question or get them to clarify the answer, as it is often different than how you might mark it if you didn’t get a clarification.
These two weeks have been fairly smooth.

Written by Gabriel.