Tamara: Recruitment Representative


Interview and Photos by Garrett Allen

Tamara Paul

Interesting facts about Tamara:

  • Met Chuck Norris at a World Karate Tournament
  • Lived with indigenous tribes in the Andes Mountains of Peru
  • Has been chased by a bull, and a bison.

Q: As SCA’s Southeast Representative, what was an interesting experience you had on the road?

A: Aside from the tornadoes, and giant crawfish attacks, it was discouraging to see the damaged coastal areas (from hurricanes Katrina/Rita). Even more discouraging was the dwindled morale, and the bitterness of the people in the area. Many openly confessed they have lost hope–the main thing that held them together. On a good note… I appreciated visiting friends, and family I haven’t seen in awhile.

Q: In your experience, does the general attitude people hold towards conservation and the environment differ from the east coast to your region?

A: Loaded topic…I give little credit to generalities, but I observe an increasingly open attitude toward progressing conservation efforts in this generation. We hear folks in the south tend to be less tolerant to emerging issues, but this attitude seems fading in specific generations in certain social areas, as opposed to specific regions. Throughout history, our values shift from generation to generation depending on various circumstances affecting our lives. Culture varies even within regions of the same state! On the other hand, you can’t find an organic burrito in the 7-eleven in Louisiana…yet.

Q: If you were appointed Administrator of the US EPA for 1 month what would be your number one priority?

A: I would not be appointed to the EPA…I would be appointed to the Executive Office for a year. During that time, I would organize other strong, humble, influential leaders to work towards justice, truth, grace, and mercy for all. Our efforts will encompass all things good, and engage the gifts, and talents of others in conservation and beyond. Hope and love would be my eternal agenda.

This is the third post in the ongoing series, Faces of SCA.