A tale of wildfire, a National Forest, and six people dedicated to a life of service



This post is written by SCA Conservation Corps members of the Veterans Fire Corps in Arizona

What follows is the tale of six inspiring individuals, dedicated to a life of service, who share a connection to the land and have made a commitment to the people who live there. Their quest is a courageous endeavor, the challenge of controlling wildland fire in Arizona’s most beautiful and equally unforgiving terrain. The Student Conservation Association, in partnership with Prescott National Forest of Arizona, is pioneering a new program, the Veterans Fire Corps (VFC), to complete fire & fuels management projects.

Bearing down on the standoff between wildfire and the wildland-urban interface, The VFC readily takes action. When weather, wind, and vegetation conditions align, they harness the power to control fire in their struggle to find a balance with Mother Nature. Some would call them idealists, many call them Heros, but one thing is clear: When history has passed and all that we know has come to fade away, the mountains of Prescott National Forest will stand eclipsed under the shadow of these giants known as the VFC. This is their story.

The VFC is working with Prescott National Forest to improve ecosystem health, rangeland conditions, wildlife habitat, and reduce the threat and adverse effects of wildland fire while also providing recent-era Veterans with the training, credentials and experience they need to competitively pursue wildland fire and/or forestry careers. The VFC is working on a variety of projects including; tree thinning, mechanical brush clearing, and prescribed fire.

Check back to read the crew’s story as the struggle to find a balance between nature and wildfire in Arizona. Read more of their tales on the Veteran’s Fire Corps blog.