Taiji Nelson’s Sept Update


Most of my time in September was spent preparing for the start of the 2011 High School Urban EcoStewards and planning, publicizing and preparing for the 2011 Fall volunteer work days. For HUES, I met with partners from the 6 schools we’re working with, presented to students, distributed and reviewed applications, and began planning individual sessions. For the volunteer program, I publicized the event through our website, e-blasts and newsletters; publicized it through other online forums; and generated a handout which I distributed at tabling events. The PPC has four large public volunteer work days scheduled and a number of smaller private volunteer days. I tabled a good deal in September at a number of community events including Pitt’s Student Volunteer Outreach fair, the Sprout Fund Biodiversity Festival, and the ALCOSAN fair. At these events I distributed PPC materials, information about volutneer opportunities and led a tree identification exercise.