Sydney Schulz – Project Leader for Southeast AZ Restoration Team



I am the project leader for the 2012 Southeast Arizona Restoration Team based out of Tucson, AZ.

This will be my third SCA position. I first participated in the Florida Trails Alternative Spring Break in 2011 and then spent three months with the X-Corps in the Eastern Sierras. Each experience taught me more than I could have imagined. Enough cannot be said about the places I’ve worked and the people I’ve met. An ease dropping elderly couple summed up these experiences perfectly when they asked if I was recounting a dream after overhearing me tell my family about our travels. That’s the kind of stuff we do; dream worthy.

I was born and raised in Michigan. During my stint as a Spartan I studied a plethora of subjects. Environmental policy, psychology, and sustainable agriculture eventually equated a degree in the Social Sciences.

I enjoy good conversations, healthy competition, building communities, living, working, and playing outdoors, sustainable farming, eating local, talking food, dirty beats and sick drops, ice hockey, mountain biking, and good people.

In the words of fellow SCAers, I’ve tasted the sweet juices of the SCA and now I can’t stop coming back for more.