A Sustainable June – GAP Sustainable Business Network Update


During the month of June I made significant progress with the GAP SBN.
• The rack card I designed has been finalized, and we are in the stage of collecting price quotes, and determining how many should be ordered. The rack card will be used to inform trail users of sustainable businesses along the Great Allegheny Passage.
•I completed sustainability assessments for 3 businesses. These were Gram Gram’s Place in Meyersdale, The Hostel on Main in Rockwood, and The Rockwood Mill Shoppes in Rockwood. While all of these businesses were already GAP SBN members, their rankings needed to adjusted to our new assessment criteria, which awards a certain number of green leaves to each business depending on its assessment results.
•The next big project that I began this month is a sustainable supplier guide. This document will be distributed to all GAP SBN members, enabling them to make informed sustainable purchases. The guide will include a breakdown of the eco-labeling process. Then it will include an encyclopedia of eco-friendly brands, the green practices that make their brand beneficial, and how/where to purchase their products. Finally, the third section will be about local sustainable suppliers, with a focus on any organic farms.
•I continue to post a weekly GAP SBN blog with tips and resources for small sustainable business owners. Check it out and subscribe at http://www.trailtowns.org/sbn/blog.aspx
•I also have continued to send out monthly network updates, keeping member businesses in the loop about any new developments they may be interested in.

~ Cara Madden