Surrounded by Raptors!


There we were in the middle of the NH McLane Audubon Center, when all of the sudden we heard the mighty call of the American Bald Eagle, “chirp chirp squeak chirp”. It wasn’t what you’d expect coming from this awesome bird of prey, but it was still an amazing experience to see one perched just 30 feet from where we were standing. The McLane Audubon Center had an amazing sanctuary where they kept rehabilitated raptors, or birds of prey.  From the deep mysterious stares of the barred owl, to the locked focused glare of the Bald Eagle, witnessing these raptors, or birds of prey, from a few feet away was a breath taking experience.  This was a treat for the CLC members especially after just finishing some very valuable trail maintenance and invasive species removable.

Before we were given the opportunity to tour the McLane Audubon Center we had the chance to work with the Audubon Center to create a more handicap accessible trail. The work involved us trimming some branches and removing some small shrubs and saplings that were obstructing the trail. After the tail maintenance we moved our work to help remove some autumn olive from a small wetland area. There were 15 of us in total, and we were able to move quick and efficiently and cut down a large amount of this invasive plant.  It was impressive work and the members were happy to be rewarded with a tour of the  McLane Audubon Center.

Back at the sanctuary where we were being impressed by the magnificent raptors we were told that we would be given the opportunity to get a closer look at some more raptors and even get a small informational talk about them. We walked into a room where a handler had a red tailed hawk perched on his forearm.  It was amazing! Kevin, the handler, told us some interesting facts about this hawk explained to us how it ended up at the Audubon Center. Apparently it was hit by a car then rescued by the Audubon Center. Kevin really opened our eyes to the wonderful work that the Audubon does for our community and for endangered species in general.

We decided to head back to the Salvation Army after Kevin’s informative talk. In the vans we were happy to hear that the members really enjoyed the Audubon and really appreciated the kind of work they are doing. The members were even more satisfied with the fact that they finally were able to work with tools that we will be using during our summer hitches. We left the members burnt out and happy, and also longing for more future events that will help benefit our community and help strengthen the bonds of our partners that are making a difference in this world.