Suradee Thongkiattikul


I’m currently in Massachusetts as part of the Army Corps team for SCA. My experience with SCA has been nothing but incredible, so I am looking forward to working with the Jawbone crew. My favorite part about this internship is the vast opportunity to go on adventures on your days off (i.e. Boston and NYC in my case). I’m done on September 10, so I get to fly home, see my family for a week, and then hop on another plane. That’ll total up to one entire year I’ll be gone from home, definitely something new for me. I was born in Thailand but I grew up in Salt Lake City, where the mountains were our playground. My favorite pastimes include hiking, meeting new people, learning about different cultures, and widening my perspective on things. I believe that a little spontaneity always makes life much more interesting. I’m excited to work with SCA again, and looking forward to meeting with the new crew!