Successful Summer Program in Philadelphia

The 2012 SCA Greater Philadelphia Summer Program successfully completed its fourth year, with Philadelphia and Camden area youth completing meaningful summer service projects while gaining leadership and Job Readiness skills. These local high school students committed themselves to working on conservation service projects in Philadelphia’s parks and natural areas, becoming an integral part of SCA’s mission of building the next generation of conservation leaders by engaging in hands-on service to the land.

Program Overview:

Philadelphia and Camden high school students were placed on 5 crews of 6-12 members per crew; each crew was led by one or two adult crew leaders, crew ratio 1 leader to 6 students. This year for the first time SCA had 3 smaller crews with 6 members and 1 adult leader on each. Daily each crew completed vital restoration and trail maintenance work, while gaining invaluable work skills. To prepare crew members for this intensive work and outdoor experience, the first week of the program was dedicated to members participating in a weeklong training lead by the SCA Program Manager and Crew Leaders:

  • Program Orientation focused on program logistics, expectations, teambuilding, conflict resolution, and a program overview.
  • Job Readiness training was integrated throughout the program providing training and job skills to members who overwhelmingly were starting their first work experience. Topics covered included financial literacy, resume writing, interviewing, dress code, acceptable behavior and language, conflict resolution, and communication. The Financial Literacy presentation covered topics such as life skills, budgeting, banking services, credit, and interest and understanding your pay check taxes.
  • Environmental Education and Tool Orientation provided members with hands on technical skills and safety training. Included was a weed warriors Presentation presented by John Heinz Park staff

In addition to conservation projects and the weeklong training, the crews met once a week for environmental education and leadership activities.


Philadelphia Summer Program Stats

Total # of Crews 5
Total # of Leaders 8
Total # of Members 41
Overall Retention Rate 41
Total # of Program hours 8,610

Work Accomplishments:

ƒ Invasive plants removed – 438,515 sq ft
ƒ Planted trees / plants – 335
ƒ Maintained or restored trail – 54,050 ft
ƒ Trash removed – 219 bags
ƒ Fence restored and built – 1,600 ft
ƒ Stairs placed – 12
ƒ Erosion and drainage – Structures 8