Steve – Education and Interpretive Ranger Team


Howdy! My name is Steven Adventura Gang, I am an avid outdoorsmen form Dayton, Ohio. I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Wildlife Science. I first developed my love for the outdoors when I went to the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota. Here I learned to appreciate the joys of the backcountry wilderness. I returned to the Boundary Waters the following two summers which further established my love of the outdoors. Skipping ahead to post graduation, I went on a 13,000 mile, two month road trip and developed a solid understanding of the landscape we live on. A few months of living in Dayton made me antsy and ready to embark on another adventure. This brought me to my internship with the SCA New Hampshire here at Bear Brook. I was looking to find a way to share my respect of nature with others in hopes they could share my excitement of protecting the natural world. These next ten months will allow me to talk with others and help them open their eyes to the magnificent world around them.