Stepping Forward: Pick Up America Grand Finale


Written by Jeff Chen, SCA ’06 and Alumni Council member.

For the last three years of my life, I’ve walked and picked up roadside litter with my crew of trash gypsies. We founded a project called Pick Up America – dubbed “the nation’s first coast-to-coast litter pick-up.” And with our own two hands, we’ve collected over 190,000 pounds of litter across a 3,550-mile route.

On November 11, 2012, our team will complete this journey in San Francisco. I invite you to join us – not only for our November 11th last mile of celebration – but also for our final 100 miles of litter pick-up from Stockton to Ocean Beach, San Francisco. The last hundred miles is happening now, and our team needs help, ’cause California is really dirty! If you’re interested in helping out, just call me at: 301-523-1257.

As an SCA alum, I know that many of you had a life-changing experience during your summer of service. I, too, was transformed by my SCA experience. So, join me and my crew for the next three weeks to celebrate yet another transformation – one where we join hands to restore our communities and make a statement about all the unnecessary waste we’ve created. See you in the streets! Visit our event on Facebook to RSVP.