Stephanie Deckman-Project Leader


Hey folks!  I grew up in the northern suburbs of Illinois and was quite ready for an entirely different experience when I moved to Chicago to finish acquiring my degree in 2008. After 2 lively years in the wonderful Windy City, with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies, I was again ready for a different and more enriching experience. But please don’t mistake, I love Chi City! I embarked upon my first adventure with the SCA as a member of Idaho AmeriCorps. This is the journey that created a fork in the road for me and I decided to take the split that was full of mountains, rock bars, trails, and travel. It’s been a transient lifestyle ever since! I was able to lead the Nashville Army Corps crew in 2012 and jumped on a leader team right after that working in the Sierra National Forest here in CA. I spent this past spring living and working on the Key Peninsula in beautiful Washington state as an Outdoor Environmental Educator for 5th and 6th grade children. Now I’m on the opposite end of the gamete in terms of ecosystems and I am very excited about being in the desert for the next year. I can’t wait to meet my new comrades and get some awesome restoration work done out here!