Stacy’s January Update


January has been a month to get back on track after a fantastic winter break in Arizona! It was great to have some downtime to spend with my family and friends back in the desert after working for such a fast-paced program. Although I do miss the Sonoran Desert, it’s great to be back in Connecticut at Neighbor to Neighbor and working towards a successful new year!

In Bethany, we tabled at the Winter Farmer’s Market, welcomed the Bethany Democratic Town Committee as a new coalition partner and have set up two new workshops, both of which I am very excited about, so check back next month for updates on those.

In Cheshire we’re working with our task force to develop new campaign strategies for the upcoming year. Currently in the planning stages we have an Ice Dam workshop at the Cheshire Public Library, a Dr. Seuss birthday party, and some fun kid’s craft projects. I also attended my first Ice Dam workshop in East Hampton, and worked on some pretty exciting Cat in the Hat recycled light bulbs with Bijal and Kayla (more on this later). As the first month of the year, January has been all about planning for the future, I’m really looking forward to all of our upcoming events and all the new projects the corps has in store!