Stacy Stone – Project Leader


My name is Stacy Stone and I’m originally from Tempe, Arizona.  I left the Sonoran desert for southern California to attend California Lutheran University (CLU) where I received my B.S. in Environmental Science with a minor in Biology. Throughout my time at CLU I began to appreciate both the field and research aspects of my degree, spending my time split between leading an inorganic marine pollution research program, and attending wildflower hikes in the chaparral. This love of learning how ecosystems work, and wanting to contribute to the world around me, lead me to one of the best decisions ever, working with the SCA! I first served as a Native Plant Corps member in both Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and Cowpens National Battlefield, where I had the opportunity to live in the woods with some great people, and spend my days restoring native ecosystems. These experiences solidified my love of conservation work and taught me some great lessons about living and working in the outdoors. After Native Plant Corps I worked on a pilot program throughout the state of Connecticut doing community outreach to help communities reduce energy use. I came back west to spend my spring here in Waco on the ACE VUS leader team, learning the ins and outs of leading SCA programs and doing more visitor surveys than I can count. I hope to bring my love of conservation and enthusiasm for restoration and community outreach to my team. I have loved the opportunities SCA has provided me, and I hope to create the same kind of meaningful experience on the TX/MA team. I can’t wait to continue exploring Texas and am looking forward to a summer full of adventure and hard work with a fantastic team!