Spencer – Education and Conservation Team


Hello my name is Bryan Campbell, but I prefer to go by my middle name. That’s right, Bryan “Danger” Campbell. I’m just kidding about the danger part, but I truly do prefer to go by my middle name Spencer. So hello again, my name is Spencer Campbell and I am from the south suburbs of Chicago. I have lived there with my family my entire life.  I have two older bro-bros, a younger sister, a momma and a papa. My family keeps me grounded, but they also make me crazy. Speaking of crazy, they think I am crazy for moving out to New Hampshire in the middle of the winter. It took some convincing but they understand the importance of community service and the valuable lessons and trainings I will most certainly gain from this experience.  I recently graduated with an undergraduate degree in Environmental Management. I focused on how to persuade government and business leaders to adopt sustainability practices. I was basically training to become a lobbyist. In my final semester at college I took part in an internship program in Washington D.C. in order to gain some practical experience in the working world. I learned a tremendous amount about the way our government in run and how to weave within in it, but ultimately knew deep within my heart that this was not the field for me.  Which brings me to Bear Brook today! I am excited to learn and work alongside my other SCA/Americorps members while we perform direct service for the Manchester, NH community. Thanks for reading!