Shenandoah National Park Honors SCA Girl Scout Crew

A big celebration for 10 girl scouts from Arizona to New York was held here in the Valley on Friday. They were recognized at the Shenandoah National Park for their hard work restoring and maintaining popular trails in the park.
The Student Conservation Association’s all-female volunteer crew, comprised of Girl Scouts from ages 15 to 18, spent the last two weeks camping in the national park. They learned how to use a variety of new tools, and even how to cook on an open fire. The girls left having several experiences they will share forever.
“We had never met each other before, so we just showed up — and we’re like okay, we have to make this work,” said one of the girls volunteering. “I really think these friendships are going to last a really long time.”
They were excited about their experience, but definitely not about having to leave.
“I’m sad,” said another volunteer. “I want it to be like another two more weeks. Then I’ll be ready for a proper bed, yeah.”
Student Conservation Association