Setting Fish Attractors at Sardis Creek Day Use


On the week of August 12th teams were split into two tasks. Mia and Ryan checked bluebird boxes on one team following the same procedures as before and yielding similar results. Meanwhile Sophie, Angela, and I deployed some of the fish attractors that we had constructed earlier in the season. With the Assistance of Park Rangers Mark Jennings and Craig Sours we took the fish attractors from the Sydney Lanier vehicle yard to Sardis Day use at the northern end of Lake Sydney Lanier. About half of the fish attractors were deployed on foot at the water’s edge, as the lake level was about 8 feet low and will rise to cover them. The rest were deployed using a small ranger boat operated by Mark Jennings while team members, one on the boat at a time, dropped the fish attractors in the lake. We finished without any problems and have one more day of deploying fish attractors next week at another site.
Written by Gabriel