Serah Washington


SCA 2011-Present

Student, Apprentice Crew Leader

Milwaukee, WI

Serah is studying international business and Spanish, and one day hopes to become ambassador to a Spanish-speaking nation.  But this summer the 19-year old is working as an SCA apprentice crew leader in her hometown of Milwaukee.  Having previously served on three SCA crews, and with three brothers who also have SCA experience, Serah is well acquainted with the drill and is introducing other local teens to the great outdoors and community service.

How does SCA fit into your plans to be a diplomat?

SCA gives you a unique setting to bond with people in a setting you wouldn’t normally encounter them in.  I’m also learning leadership, time management, working on a project and seeing it through. Everything I do in SCA, I come out with a better skill set.

How did you get started with SCA?

My older brother, Jordan, got into it on Earth Day one year and it became a family thing.  My siblings and I saw how much fun he was having. He was a real advocate: the work he did, the positive impact. My family is extremely close. We share a lot of things. What one of us does, the others pick up on.

What do you find most appealing about crew leading?

I’m enjoying having that next level of responsibility.  I feel minorities are underrepresented in this field and most of the crew members had no prior knowledge of environmental issues before SCA.  But we care about the future and health of this community and giving back is something my parents have always stressed.

Is urban conservation different than conserving a national park?

In the city, nature isn’t always seen as something important.  I’ve heard crew members ask “Do people actually come here?”  You have to appreciate the rarity of nature in the city and the beauty.  And our work is making a difference, not just for the people but for the animals and plant life in the parks too.

Sounds like you’re on a mission…

I know how important my work is in Milwaukee, but through crew leader training, where I met people from Chicago, Detroit, and all over the US, I see that we’re not just affecting the city, we’re affecting this entire country. It makes me feel that I’m part of something bigger, something that’s inspiring the world.

Read SCA’s profile of Serah and her brothers from The Green Way. (pdf)

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