Second Day Beach Restoration Experts


Today we picked up right where we left off at Malibu Lagoon State Beach. We picked up a ton of knowledge about native and invasive plants yesterday, and the Park staff was extremely impressed that we remembered pretty much everything. No reiteration necessary! Way to go Santa Monica ASB Corps members!

After arriving at the beach today we did a few exercises, discussed safety precautions, and then went right to work. Interestingly, today I found myself helping some of my peers with identifying invasive plants that needed to be removed. Although I have no background in identifying plants, I remembered how to differentiate between the invasives and the natives. Some of the invasive plants have red stems, and “onions” at the bottom; then there is the clover, and European plant. The team and I eagerly worked our way around parts of the beach, removing any invasive plants that we saw.

The most memorable part of the day was the end, when we heard things like, “You guys are my hero” from workers who had been planning this project for twenty years. Immediately, I just wanted to run back to the site and start removing more invasives! I think I can speak collectively for the entire group when I say that today would definitely inspire anyone to want to keep working with the Student Conservation Association.

Although at the end of the day the sun has worn me out; approaching the middle of the weeklong program, I am eagerly awaiting the next few days. My fellow corps members have made this experience feel once in a lifetime. I am pleased to be working with a dynamic group of individuals, I am constantly learning about a new plants, trees, and even critters. Whatever might come up in conversation! It has been great!

More to come!